24 November 2023

CYP – Road Safety Week at Cypress

Road Safety Week

We have been focusing on Road Safety this week at Cypress and the children have enjoyed learning more about keeping safe on our roads. They have participated in surveys about how they get to school each day and there have been discussions about the benefits of walking and cycling, as well as using public transport, and thus reducing our carbon footprint by limiting car use. The children also had the opportunity to get involved in a comic strip competition, as announced last week. Deadline for comic strip entries is Monday, 11th December please. Please hand in to your child’s class teacher.

Thanks to our PSHE staff team, including Ms Prideaux, Ms Sterling, Mrs Jerman, Ms Williams and Mrs Smalley-Nicholson for highlighting road safety and important important around this topic.

Lime class delivered a wonderful assembly today giving us a very humourous run down of their learning so far this term. They then finished off by singing a very uplifting and self-affirming song entitled ‘I am’. What a wonderful way to finish the week! Well done Lime class! Special thanks to  Ms Stewart, Ms Gould and Ms Joshi for helping the children to plan and deliver their assembly.

Cypress Superstars

In line with our new behaviour policy, each classroom has a ‘recognition board’ where we celebrate children’s successes and achievements.  Each week, we (Mrs Sorensen and Mrs Carpenter) also have children coming to us to share their work and achievements and we love sharing this in our weekly news story.

At the Upper School Sam, Ilyas, Emilia, Dara and Jehvani visited the office to share their persuasive speeches. They have been learning about the Romans, and specifically the invasion of Britain and the revolt of the Iceni tribe, led by Queen Boudicca. They had written empassioned speeched ralling their kinsmen to join the fight to repel the invaders. They delivered their speeches with great fervour. By the end of their visit, I was ready to join the campaign! Well done to all!

Bea had created a wonderfully detailed non-chronological report in the form of a leaflet all about volcanoes! It was presented beautifully. Well done Bea!

At the Lower School, Reuben and Silhouana in Indigo Class made an amazing space buggy, Phoenix and Agnes in Ruby Class did some terrific mathematical work using coins to work out how much things cost and the value of the coins. Freddie, Ibi, Molly and Maqdis worked together to create incredible fact files about King Henry VIII: great team work! All of Year 1 were Cypress Superstars this week as they travelled to the Moon for their exciting Moon Day, packed full of fun activities and even a visit from an alien! I hope they have all come back down to Earth now, following such a fantastic voyage to outer space!

Cypress PTFA: Winter Fair and Christmas Carols 

Please join us for our Winter Fair after school on Friday, 1st December: details and tickets on sale here.

The PTFA also need volunteers to make the fair happen, so if you can spare an hour of your time, please help out! Use the link above to find a slot. Tricky to volunteer with small children in tow? Why not consider offering to watch a friend’s children whilst you volunteer and they could perhaps to the same for you in return? Thanks so much for your support.

Also, please some and have a fun evening singing some Christmas Carols and getting in the Christmas spirit! This event will take place on Tuesday, 12th December at 6.15pm at St John the Evangelist Church on Sylvan Road. Click here to reserve your free tickets.

Parent MAC elections

Thank you to all the parents/carers who put themselves forward as candidates for our Parent MAC elections. Huge congratulations to Rochelle Fryer and Gavin Lambert (both of who are parents of children on the Lower Site) who were successfully elected this week, following our ballot. We look forward to welcoming them to our MAC meetings in the future and know that they will both be wonderful additions to our Academy Council, bringing valuable skills and experience with them to benefit all the children at Cypress.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Sorensen and the Cypress Team



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Published on 24th November, 2023

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