School Uniform

Pupils at all schools in the Trust wear school uniform and this policy is supported by a very high percentage of parents and carers each year in the parental survey.

The uniform requirements for each school are described in the individual school prospectus – viewable by clicking on ‘download prospectus’ on each school’s homepage.

Uniform is sold at:

Parents and carers may also purchase coats, fleeces and baseball caps from Wovina with Pegasus branding.  These items are usable for any of the schools within the Trust and are very good value.  You can get to the correct web page by clicking here.

Please do not buy other items as they only come in adult sizes for staff.

Please note:  The baseball cap is the only baseball cap now allowed at our schools.

First published on 31st May, 2017 and modified 14th October, 2020

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