Admissions for all schools in the Pegasus Academy Trust, as well those at the Brigstock site, are co-ordinated by Croydon Council according to the admissions policy for the Trust which can be found at the end of this page.

Staff at the schools have no influence on the allocation of places either for our main intake reception aged children each September or for those children who join us at other times – for instance when families are new to the area. Parents of children who will be joining reception classes in the following September should look at the advice given on Croydon’s website in order to familiarise themselves with the process.

Prospectuses for the schools can be found on this website and hard copies are available on request either by telephoning the relevant school or in person by speaking to staff in the appropriate school office.

School Visits

For those parents who will be applying for a reception place for their child for the following September we arrange a series of visits so that groups of parents can look around the schools with the Head of Schools and one or both of the Executive Principals. In autumn 2019 these visits take place on the following dates at 9:30am. If you wish to tour one of our schools please telephone the school you require and book for one or more of the visits below:

  • Beulah: Thursday 1st October & Monday 4th November 020 8653 4918
  • Ecclesbourne: Thursday 10th October & Friday 1st November 020 8684 3187
  • Whitehorse Infants: (Whitehorse Road site): Thursday 3rd October & Thursday 17th October 020 8689 7679
  • Whitehorse Infants: (Brigstock Road site):Friday 11th October & Friday 15th November 020 8684 3613;
  • Cypress Primary: Friday 4th October & Thursday 31st October 020 8653 4203

More dates will be released and, in some circumstances, individual tours with the Head of School can be made after the autumn tem visits

Appeals timetable

Appeals against admission decisions for Reception places are held according to a strict timetable which applies to all Academies in Croydon in accordance with the admissions code.  When these arrangements are published and current they can be found in the downloads section below.

Whitehorse Manor Junior School does not admit reception aged children but when places become available these are also allocated by Croydon Council.

It is the wish of the Directors that all schools within the Pegasus Academy Trust continue to provide education to local children and at present 90% of our children walk to school. We hope you will come and look around the schools and choose one of the schools run by the Trust for your child.

We look forward to meeting you.

First published on 16th June, 2017 and modified 6th September, 2019

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