Breakfast & After School Care

‘Wraparound’ care is the term we use to describe our arrangements for looking after children beyond the traditional school day. The activities we run at this time are child initiated play.  While we may support homework the purpose of these clubs is child care and not extended educational activities.

Parents can book on a ‘ad hoc’ basis although bookings must be made by 12 midday on the day you wish to use the service.  We can no longer accept any bookings at the end of the school day, this is to ensure we adhere to safety guidelines.  We look forward to welcoming your child to our wraparound care.

The Pegasus Children’s Club

In most of our schools our childcare services are run ‘in house’ and this service is called The Pegasus Children’s Club.

We value our relationship with parents and carers and are committed to working in partnership with you to provide high quality play and care for your children. We work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity, providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for all children and families. When dealing with parents and carers we;

  • Welcome you at all times to discuss our work, have a chat or take part in our activities;
  • Listen to your feedback and views to ensure we continue to meet your needs;
  • Keep you informed of opening times, fees and charges, programmes of activities, menus and procedures;
  • Aim to be consistent and reliable to enable you to plan with confidence and peace of mind;
  • Share and discuss your child’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships;
  • Uphold the club’s Equality of Opportunity policy;
  • Respect the customs, values and spiritual beliefs of your child and your family.

Pegasus Children’s Club can be booked on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.  Parents will be able to book or cancel on the day by 12 lunchtime. To cancel you will need to go to ‘Bookings’ – then find the date you wish to cancel – then click on the reference number and ‘Amend’. Parents now have the responsibility to do this if you wish for a credit note to be placed on your account.

You will no longer be able to contact the school office and book your child in on a daily basis, we need to know which children will be attending and in which year groups so that we can prepare the provision. The booking can only be done by booking the service via your Magic Booking account. If you have a problem with your account you will need to contact us the day before your child uses the service the same way that you need to book and notify us that your account is faulty so that we can solve any issues.

Beulah Juniors –

Voucher Schemes

At the Pegasus Children’s Club we accept a number of voucher schemes as payment: Croydon College, Salary Exchange, Edenred, Computershare, Kids Unlimited, Busy Bees,, Kiddivouchers, Sodexo, Faircare. When applying through a voucher scheme, you may be asked for our Ofsted registration number.

To use your childcare voucher on Magic Booking you must book your sessions and then at the checkout you tick the box that says pay by childcare voucher. If for example you have a £243.00 childcare voucher you must book the sessions to the equivalent of this amount. Magic Booking should not be holding credit on the system. Childcare vouchers do not automatically go onto Magic Booking from your payment into your childcare scheme, they have to be manually reconciled. Once your funds have been transferred into our banking system a remittance advice is sent to us by your childcare voucher scheme which usually takes between 3- 5 working days. Then we manually reconcile the bookings that you have booked using your childcare voucher.

If you wish to set up a childcare voucher scheme or have decided to use the Government Gateway childcare voucher system then please inform Sharene Marshall so that she is aware of your payment reference number. Please contact Ms Marshall by email if your childcare voucher has not been reconciled and you are showing a debt on the system and therefore unable to book.  We have lots of childcare vouchers come in each month, so please be aware that we try our best to ensure vouchers are reconciled as quickly as we can. We thank you for your patience. If there has been a long delay please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Marshall and let her know that you have transferred money so that she can look into it.

Government Gateway payments usually take between 4 – 7 days to be released into our banking system, then Ms Marshall manually reconciles these payments onto the Magic Booking system. Sometimes there have been issues for parents because of the period of transfer from the Government Gateway service to our banking system, so we recommend that you transfer money in plenty of time. Parents have also had issues when transferring money into the Government Gateway scheme as they have to submit payment after agreeing the final amount. If the full process is not finalised your funds will not be transferred.

Most employers provide childcare vouchers through salary sacrifice, but occasionally employers offer childcare vouchers as a free benefit in addition to salary. Addition-to-salary schemes are also commonly used by very small businesses. Childcare vouchers are usually received instead of part of your salary, through a system known as ‘Salary Sacrifice’. Unlike your salary, you don’t have to pay any tax or national insurance on childcare vouchers.

Our breakfast clubs run from with 7:30am to 8:45am after which the children are escorted back to their classes. The cost of this provision each day is £5.00 and the fees are paid through ‘MagicBooking’. Please click below –

Account Login

You will then be able to book the day/s you wish your child to attend.

You can cancel on the day by 12 lunchtime via your booking on your magic booking account.

A healthy breakfast with a hot option (for example poached egg on toast) is provided either by ‘in house’ staff trained in food preparation and safety or by our catering partner, Harrison Catering.

After school clubs run from 3:15pm to 6:00pm.  Because of economies of scale The Pegasus Academy Trust are able to provide this service, which includes a light tea which may be hot or cold, for £12 per day, which is the most competitive rate in the area.  Clubs are run by Deputy Managers who will introduce themselves upon registration.  Children take part in art activities, cooking, games and outdoor sports whenever possible.  As all our schools have full wireless capability children may also take part in ICT sessions or research for their homework.

Parents should should call in plenty of time if there is the possibility that they might be delayed. A fine of £1 per minute will be charged if your child is collected after 6:00pm no matter what the reason.

For payment enquiries or any issue with an account or an enquiry about a childcare voucher, please contact:

Sharene Marshall or by email

For student finance forms enquiries and help with tax credits please contact: Sharene Marshall by email

You can hand your form into your school office and your forms will be sent by internal post to Sharene Marshall to complete. She will then return the forms to your school office to collect. Unfortunately this process takes between 2-5 days to complete, so please bear this in mind when you need a form completed.

All Pegasus children’s clubs adhere to the statutory framework for the Early Years and Foundation Stage with regard to the youngest children.

Please note: If your child is attending any of the extended schools’ activities and then going on to Pegasus Children’s Club you must still pay £12 to cover the childcare costs. This is because the after school club staff that are needed to provide a good standard of care must still be employed from 3:15pm.

Universal Credit

You could get extra tax credits to help pay for some of your childcare costs while you’re working.

You may be able to claim back up to 85% of your childcare costs if you’re eligible for Universal Credit.

You (and your partner if you live with them) will usually need to either: be working – it doesn’t matter how many hours you or your partner work.

The most you can get back each month is: £646 for one child, £1108 for 2 or more children.

You can claim Universal Credit online.

If you stop working -tell the Universal Credit. You can continue to claim childcare costs for at least one month after your job ends.

Universal Credit helpline

Telephone: 0345 600 0723
Textphone: 0345 600 0743
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Tax-Free Childcare: 10 things parents should know

1. You’ll be able to open an online account

You’ll be able to open an online account, which you can pay into to cover the cost of childcare with a registered provider. This will be done through the government website, GOV.UK. The scheme will be rolled out gradually to families, with parents of the youngest children able to apply first.

2. For every £8 you or someone else pays in, the government will top up an extra £2

This is equivalent of the tax most people pay – 20% – which gives the scheme its name, ‘tax-free’. The government will top up the account with 20% of childcare costs up to a total of £10,000 – the equivalent of up to £2,000 support per child per year (or £4,000 for disabled children).

3. The scheme will be available for children up to the age of 12

It will also be available for children with disabilities up to the age of 17, as their childcare costs can stay high throughout their teenage years.

4. To qualify, parents will have to be in work, and each earning around £167 a week and not more than £100,000 each per year

The scheme is designed to be flexible for parents if, for example, they want to get back to work after the birth of a child or work part-time.

5. Any eligible working family can use the Tax-Free Childcare scheme – it doesn’t rely on employers offering it

Tax-Free Childcare doesn’t rely on employers offering the scheme, unlike the current scheme Employer-Supported Childcare. Any working family can use Tax-Free Childcare, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

6. The scheme will also be available for parents who are self-employed

Self-employed parents will be able to get support with childcare costs in Tax-Free Childcare, unlike the current scheme (Employer-Supported Childcare) which is not available to self-employed parents. To support newly self-employed parents, the government is introducing a ‘start-up’ period. During this, self-employed parents won’t have to earn the minimum income level.

The scheme will also be available to parents on paid sick leave and paid and unpaid statutory maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

7. If you currently receive Employer-Supported Childcare then you can continue to do so

You do not have to switch to Tax-Free Childcare if you do not wish to. Employer-Supported Childcare will continue to run. The current scheme will remain open to new entrants until April 2018, and parents already registered by this date will be able to continue using it for as long as their employer offers it.

However, Tax-Free Childcare will be open to more than twice as many parents as Employer-Supported Childcare.

Employers’ workplace nurseries won’t be affected by the introduction of Tax-Free Childcare.

8. Parents and others can pay money into their childcare account as and when they like

This gives you the flexibility to pay in more in some months, and less at other times. This means you can build up a balance in your account to use at times when you need more childcare than usual, for example, over the summer holidays.

It’s also not just the parents who can pay into the account – if grandparents, other family members or employers want to pay in, then they can.

9. The process will be as simple as possible for parents

The process will be light-touch and as easy as possible for you. For example, you’ll re-confirm your circumstances every three months via a simple online process; and there will be a simple log-in service where parents can view accounts for all of their children at once.

10. You’ll be able to withdraw money from the account if you want to

If your circumstances change or you no longer want to pay into the account, then you’ll be able to withdraw the money you have built up. If you do, the government will withdraw its corresponding contribution.

More information will become available ahead of the scheme being introduced so parents making childcare decisions are able to consider all their options.

Parents under 20 in England, who are at school or sixth form college, can also receive weekly payments under the Care to Learn scheme, worth £160 per child per week outside London, or £175 inside the capital.

First published on 16th June, 2017 and modified 25th March, 2024

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