Top performers

Whitehorse Manor Juniors has been the top primary school in Croydon on a number of occasions.

Over 100 years of service

Generations of families have chosen Whitehorse for their children and with new and expanded facilities there are now twice as many places available at the school.

A rounded education

Our bespoke curriculum means that children have plenty of opportunity to develop intiative, to ask questions, to ‘have a go’, to explore and experiment in our wonderful learning spaces.

Latest News & Events

Event 1 September 2022

INSET day in all PAT schools

Event 1 September 2022

Atwood Primary School joins Pegasus #ATW


Wishing all of our families a restful and rewarding holiday. Enjoy the break. 😊

22nd July 2022

Great job here for someone interested in leadership and inclusion:

21st January 2022

First published on 27th April, 2017 and modified 31st July, 2017

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