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The Pegasus Academy Trust (PAT) was the first Primary Multi Academy Trust in Croydon and was formed in April 2010 to run our first three schools.  We now run six schools on eight sites with over 2000 children and 325 staff.  All our schools are located in the London borough of Croydon.

Values & ethos

PAT aims to be the first choice for local parents and, to that end, none of our schools have a faith or business affiliation making them fully accessible to their local community. The schools within PAT work closely together to plan a varied curriculum that gives our children the skills and qualifications they need to be happy and productive members of society. We know that our duty is also to support families to develop their child’s character and we plan specific opportunities to do this – for instance building resilience and the understanding that we may need to try a number of approaches before we succeed.

We have not lost sight of the value of a fully rounded education – and sporting and creative opportunities are an integral part of what our schools offer. Our values are captured in our ‘Pegasus people’ statement and at the heart of this is the clear statement “We care”.  We believe this ethos shines through in all our schools and makes us a very different kind of Multi Academy Trust.

Pegasus people

We remind our children and staff that we are all ‘Pegasus people’ and use five simple statements to remind ourselves of what this means.

These statements are regularly revisited in assemblies and displayed in each classroom and can also be found in the reading diaries that each child is given to take home each year.

Our Objective

The Academy Trust’s primary objective, as stated in its articles of association, is ‘to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom’. The Pegasus Academy Trust is listed as a charitable company limited by guarantee at Companies House.


It is the wish of the Directors of the Pegasus Academy Trust that the educational experience of children attending any of the schools within the Trust be broadly similar. To this end teachers in each year group plan together each week and staff may transfer between sites in order to ensure the best possible teaching. The Executive Principals work from different sites during the week and ensure equality of provision.


The Trust has always worked closely with other schools, the local authority and community organisations.  Since 2014 the Trust have run a local maintained Nursery school, Thornton Heath Nursery School (THNS) on behalf of the Local authority.  It is the express wish of the LA and the Directors of the Trust that should join the Trust at some future point but at present central government rules mean that Nursery Schools cannot become academies.

Staff from the Trust provide the leadership at THNS and we very much recommend it to parents.

Visit THNS

‘Diet’ of a Pegasus child

The Pegasus Academy Trust is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum. To this end the staff have been working for a number of years now to ensure that we provide a number of experiences at each stage of a child’s education in our schools which are not necessarily quantifiable but which our staff and MACs think are important nevertheless.  Examples of this would be:


  • Build a den or shelter;
  • Cook cakes and biscuits;
  • Hear instruments played ‘live’;
  • Play in the mud, dig holes.


Key stage 1 (Infants):

  • Fold clothes neatly;
  • Brush hair or put it in a ponytail;
  • Buy an item from a shop;
  • Find a book in a library, browse.

Key stage 2 (Juniors):

  • Sew – e.g a button on a garment;
  • Spend a night away from home;
  • Toast a marshmallow;
  • Pack a suitcase;
  • Follow a recipe.

First published on 6th July, 2017 and modified 21st February, 2023

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