10 January 2023

EPS We love reading! UPDATE

A while back we posted the news story below about reading and our favourite places to read.  We now have some winners who sent in photos of them reading in unusual locations.

We look forward to seeing more pictures of you reading.  Send your pictures to ilovereading@pegasusacademytrust.org


At Ecclesbourne we love reading and to show how much we enjoy a good book, we want to see all the different places that you love to read.  Do you read in your favourite comfy chair, tucked up on a bean bag or maybe you read in bed just before you fall asleep?  Perhaps, you like to find a quiet spot away from everyone or lose yourself in a book while in the bath. Do you read on the bus or even as you are walking along the pavement on your way to school?  We are launching a competition to see who reads in the most amazing place. Don’t do anything too silly or dangerous but we will make sure we have some prizes.

We want you to take a picture and email it to us at ilovereading@pegasusacademytrust.org.  It might be that you read in a silly costume or that you read in an unusual place but now is the time to grab a book and and take a picture of you enjoying a good read.  We will look at all the photos and pick some winners.  Please note that the photos might be used on our website so if you are not happy for your picture to be published, please make sure you let us know.

Here’s a picture of someone enjoying a book to kick off our competition.

Also, we would like to invite parents in to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to read with your children.  Sharing books in school is an excellent way to model reading and find out more about how your child is learning to read.  Every Wednesday, between 8.45am and 9am, you are welcome to join your child in Year 1 or 2 for a story.  Reception parents are invited to join us for our reading café on 30th November at 2.30 pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

Let’s get reading!



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Published on 10th January, 2023

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