02 February 2018

EPS Museum Day

The Ecclesbourne Museum opened this morning for parents and carers to come see the wonderful work the children have been doing as part of our Thematic curriculum. Reception parents had the opportunity to read with their children about the monsters children had made and in Year 1 visitors had the chance to play with old toys or even make some of their own.  In Year 2, the classrooms had been turned into lovely Tudor galleries full of portraits and personalised shields.   In Year 3, children were busy making buildings  and in Year 4’s Roman Zone there were volcanic eruptions and handmade mosaic tiles.  Year 5 gave us an incredible display of dragon heads and explained how to write your name in Viking runes.  In year 6, the Egyptians were brought to life with a Sphinx, Tutankhamen’s tomb and a selection of canopic jars.  There has been so much to see and do and the children have really enjoyed showing all our visitors around.

The Ecclesbourne Museum will be open again after school so if you haven’t visited yet, make sure you don’t miss out.

Published on 2nd February, 2018

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