26 April 2024

CYP UPPER: Year 3 travel back to the Stone Age!

This week, Year 3 had their Thematic lesson in the most exciting way possible! We dressed up with our leopard print and fur costumes to experience Prehistoric Britain first hand! We had a visit to a prehistoric roundhouse at Whitehorse Manor Junior School where we were introduced to prehistoric life by Twig and Ochre.

They taught us many exciting things about prehistory including; how ancient people hunted and prepared food, how they lit their fires and the importance of the tools they used.

We looked at the beautiful cave paintings that were displayed around the roundhouse tent, which showed us the timeline from Palaeolithic Stone Age, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age. Twig and Ochre also even treated us to try some of their fish, which they prepared and cooked for us.

Our day has inspired us to learn so much more about the Stone Age!

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Published on 26th April, 2024

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