16 October 2020

Beulah Celebrating Lives – Celebrating Black History!

This week we have been celebrating the lives of people who have made our world great.  On Monday, we started the week with a quiz and talked about people who have made the world great.  All of the classes were then challenged to find out about someone who has made the world great, maybe someone from the quiz or someone that they know about.  On Thursday, we had an exciting assembly where all of our classes shared their research.  More importantly, the children thought about how great they all are and what they are going to do to make the world great in the future.  Now it is your turn to try the quiz at home!  How many people do you know and do you know how they made the world great?  We have given you the answer sheet which also has more information and links you can click on to find out more about these people. Black History Famous People Quiz

Published on 16th October, 2020

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