Spelling & Grammar

The start of it all – Phonics

From September 2021 the Trust bases its phonics work on the widely used ‘Little Wandle’ systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) scheme.  This scheme is validated and approved by the department for Education.

Individual teachers in Nursery and Reception may set individual work or group work for children but spelling lists are not sent home.  To support parents who may wish to do some extra work with their children at home the key word list for reception can be accessed by clicking here.

Spelling in Key stage 1

By the end of years 1 and 2, pupils should be able to spell a variety of words based on the phonic patterns they have been learning. Please look in the ‘downloads’ section below for examples of the kid of words children should be able to spell in KS1.

Spelling in Key Stage 2

In KS2 pupils are taught the spelling patterns and words identified in the statutory guidance of the National Curriculum for English.

In addition to this, children are taught the word classes and sentence structure needed for them to progress in their understanding of the English language.  Teaching is supported by the guidance in the National Curriculum for English and the Pegasus sentence construction ladders.

First published on 31st May, 2017 and modified 18th October, 2022

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