In our Science curriculum, children learn about:

  • Animals including humans: humans and other animals, green plants, identifying locally occurring plants and animals, protecting living things and the environment and micro-organisms.
  • Living things and their habitats: the differences between living and non-living things and identifying what organisms need to stay healthy.
  • Materials: grouping and classifying materials, changing materials and separating mixtures of materials.
  • Physical processes: electricity, forces, light, rocks, sound and the Earth and Beyond.
  • Seasonal changes: the movement of the sun across the sky, shadows and the weather associated with different seasons.

Children apply their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas to familiar phenomena, everyday things and their personal health.  They carry out systematic investigations and use a range of reference sources.

They make links between ideas and communicate their findings using a wide range of scientific language, conventional diagrams, charts and graphs.

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First published on 31st May, 2017 and modified 12th October, 2021

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