19 July 2022

EPS celebrates a year of sporting success

With another year coming to an end, we thought it was worth looking back at a fantastic season of sporting success. Given all the interruptions, everyone was thrilled that competitions have been back up and and running.

Back in October, teams of children went to Lloyd Park for the great interschool cross-country competition. The highlight was a gold medal for Kiah in Year 2, beating around 100 other competitors over the course of 1.2km.

In football, there was success in both the boys’ and girls’ competitions with both teams winning their leagues. The netball team also had a brilliant year, which started with an exciting friendly match against the staff and finished with a gritty showing against rivals. Ark Oval. Cricketers in year 4, who received in school coaching from experts earlier in the year, won gold medals at a prestigious festival in Crystal Palace.

The athletics team brought home the trophy for the top boys’ performance whilst the girls’ team also finished in the top 10. Special mention goes to Kalvyn, who won gold medal proving himself to be the fastest boy in Croydon.

Well done to everyone involved in sports competitions this year – all those who took part should be proud of themselves.

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Published on 19th July, 2022

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