09 February 2024

CYP Lower: Welcome to the ‘Cypress Lower Museum’

Today we opened the ‘Cypress Lower Museum’ for one day only.   We were joined by so many parents and carers that the queue to get in extended all the way from the front of the office all the way back into the playground!

The school had been transformed overnight.  Rainbows and Little Cypress had filled the hall with all their work about Chinese New Year and love.  The children had produced some beautiful cherry blossom paintings, dragons, and painted the names of the animals in Chinese.  We also had some beautiful Valentines cards and heart shaped candles made by the children.

Reception put on a colourful display showcasing their work from their topic “Watch Out- There’s A Monster About!”  Each of the children had planned, designed and made their own monster.  They then produced some fantastic writing to describe their monster.  There were clay Gruffalos made by the children and even a giant monster made by each class!

In Year 1, we saw some fantastic toys that the children had designed and made, some amazing paintings and some very powerful posters showing us the importance of recycling and looking after the world.  The children really enjoyed sharing their work with their parents and carers who visited them.

Year 2 had all the visitors involved helping to make their Tudor Houses.  They also were learning to write with a quill, design a Tudor outfit and create their own Tudor Rose.  Mrs Guerry even had some spices on display for the children to smell and see if they could guess what they were. Year 2 also had a visit from King Henty VIII who allowed the children to aks him lots of questions.

If you woud like to see more of our Museum Day, take a look at the video below.


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us the morning and for all the lovely comments you made about the children’s work.  A huge thank you also goes to all the staff who have gone above and beyond to create a memorable Museum Day for all the children at Cypress Lower.

Ms Binks and the Cypress Lower Team

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Published on 9th February, 2024

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