24 June 2022

BINF – Riding on a bicycle!

Beulah Infant and Nursery School are actively committed to improving our local environment and the health and safety of our children.  Following on from the School Council’s ‘Walk to School Week,’ the School Council took a ‘hands up’ survey in year two to see how many children are able to ride a bike.  We found that there were many children who still needed an opportunity to learn and had no access to a bicycle.   The School Council asked if we were able to organise an opportunity in the school day.  In response to their request, Mrs Heward has set up a cycling area in the large middle playground and every lunchtime supports children to learn how to ride a bicycle. The children are using school bicycles and school helmets. We have already started to have many success stories and the children are very proud of their achievement.  Our target is for every child in year two to be able to ride a bicycle before they leave in July.  Thank you Mrs Heward for your support and well done to the school council for coming up with these ideas!

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Published on 24th June, 2022

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