14 July 2023

BINF-Beulah’s Got Talent!

Croydon is London’s Borough of Culture this year. To celebrate this our wonderful choir were invited to take part in the CR Talent Show, where many young people from Croydon’s schools were showcasing the musical opportunities available for them. All of the schools involved had the opportunity to share and celebrate their skills, creativity and cultural diversity.
The choir were all very excited as they travelled from School to Wandle Park where the show was taking place. When they arrived they sat and ate their picnic lunch and were given a special t-shirt to wear for the performance -they were thrilled!! They excitedly made their way to the performance area and took their seats. They were surrounded by orchestras and enjoyed naming some of the instruments they could see. After much anticipation, the show finally began and the children sang some of the songs they had been learning. It was great to sing being accompanied by the orchestras but everyone had to sing really loudly to be heard! Unfortunately, the rain started to fall quite heavily and they had to take shelter under a gazebo! Although they were rained out they all had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the experience!

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Published on 14th July, 2023

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