13 October 2022

Beulah – School Council Elected!

Well done to all of the children that stood for election for a place in the School Council. Over the last few weeks, each candidate ran their own campaign to gain the votes from their own classes and the final decisions were made by all children voting in their year group at our Polling Station on the School Council election day! The results were very close between all candidates but we are pleased to announce that a new councillor has been elected for each KS1 class.
The School Council plays an important role at Beulah, regularly meeting to represent their own class and share ideas about matters that are important to themselves and their friends. Through the previous School Council meetings, senior leaders have been informed that children from across the school wanted more playground equipment, goal posts for lunchtime football and new musical instruments.  Last year, the School Council worked hard to inspire the children and parents to travel to school sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely by championing walking, scooting and cycling.  Supported by adults, they took part in the ‘STARS’ Transport for London’s accreditation scheme for London schools. This was a big project which included: taking surveys, campaigning and creating posters to persuade our families to avoid double parking and making ‘u’ turns and meeting with staff to organise opportunities for children to learn how to ride a bicycle in school.  We are pleased to announce that the school was awarded the Stars ‘GOLD Accreditation – well done!

The newly formed council had their first meeting last week and will soon be meeting with their own classes to discuss ideas for the coming term.

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Published on 13th October, 2022

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