25 November 2022

Beulah: Road Safety Week

This week, we have had our ‘Road Safety Week’ at Beulah. In our assembly, we learnt about zebra crossings, pelican crossing and how to cross the road safely. In school, we have been practising crossing the road  safely with our friends and we would like our parents to help us by making sure that we always:
THINK – about where is the safest place to cross
STOP – at the side of the road
Use -EYES AND EARS -to see any approaching vehicles
WAIT- until any vehicles have passed
LOOK and LISTEN – again to make sure the road is clear
CROSS – the road, keep looking and listening
Our school council have also been thinking about the environment and keeping safe when crossing the road outside of our school. They have designed posters asking our parents to turn off their engines outside of the school and to avoid double parking and making ‘U’ turns as this blocks the road and puts all of our children in danger.

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Published on 25th November, 2022

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