15 July 2022

Beulah- In Bloom!

Our children and staff work very hard planting and taking care of the plants as they grow in all of our outside areas.  Understanding what plants need to grow and how they grow is part of our science curriculum but we also believe that planting in the garden is a great way to stimulate children’s senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell.  The children also love to eat what they grow!  This year, we have also been thinking about the environment and included flowering plants to encourage insects for pollination and created our own methods of conserving rain water for watering. The plants and the children’s observational drawings/painting looked so amazing we decided to enter the Thornton Heath in Bloom competition for the second year running. I am thrilled to say we won the competition for the second year running!  Well done to the children and thank you to all of our staff that put in all of the extra work for our children to have these experiences.  Finally, thank you to the Thornton Heath Community Action Group for organising the competition and our £50.00 prize voucher which we will use to buy seeds next year!

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Published on 15th July, 2022

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