12 June 2023

Beulah – Early Years Sports Day Fun!

All of the children in our nursery and reception classes had wonderful sports days.  The sun was shining and everyone was feeling very happy and ready to go!  The children showed great perseverance in the sack race – all determined to reach the finishing line. They demonstrated excellent balancing skills in the egg and spoon races although we did see a little sly egg holding, even in the parents’ egg and spoon race!  There was great team effort in the running relays but the most popular by far was the sponge and water relay where all of the children had a splashing of water to cool them down with lots of laughter in the process!  A big thank you to all of the staff for organising the events and to our many parents/carers who joined us to cheer the children on –  I am very glad that you all survived the very competitive egg and spoon parent races!


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Published on 12th June, 2023

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