21 October 2022

Beulah Close Black History month with an International Celebration Day!

Across the school we have been celebrating Black History Month by recognising and celebrating the lives and achievements of people of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage. This week we all wore red to school in support of ‘Show Racism the Red Card. ‘Today, we enjoyed an exciting close to Black History month with our International Celebration day.  A big thank you to all of our parents that dressed their children in clothes representing their own countries, communities and cultures or brightly coloured clothes in line with the carnival celebration theme. It was lovely to see such a large crowd of parents joining our ‘showcase’ carnival assembly today where the children proudly shared their work. In the nursery, our families came together to make and share international food with their children. Finally, a special thank you to our parents that came into our classrooms and told stories in their home languages, which the children loved!


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Published on 21st October, 2022

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