Physical Education

Physical Education forms an essential part of the curriculum at The Pegasus Academy Trust.

It educates pupils in the knowledge of the body: how to use their bodies efficiently and effectively, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A balance of individual and team, co-operative and competitive activities cater for each pupil’s ability and potential.

We cover a wide range of activities where pupils have the opportunity to learn new skills whilst consolidating and building upon existing ones.

The children are taught through the following areas of activity:

  • Games: football, basketball, hockey, netball, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis and cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Swimming (in key stage 2)

There are also a wide range of extra curricular sports clubs which children who have a particular interest or talent are encouraged to join. After school clubs are an enjoyable and useful way of extending opportunity to those children. As part of these clubs children may have the opportunity to represent the school in competitions and tournaments.

A list of clubs for each term is provided on the school’s website.

All PE clothing should be named and taken home frequently to be washed. Records will be kept of those not participating and contact made with parents for those children who persistently forget their PE kit.

If a child is not participating in a lesson due to illness or injury, etc. this should be backed up by a letter from home.

Watches and any other form of jewellery should be removed in PE (note that only stud earrings are allowed at school). All stud earrings should be removed or taped over.

Long hair, below shoulder length, is a safety hazard and must be tied back carefully.

The school has some spare, clean PE kit and in the event of children persistently forgetting their PE kit and with no written explanation we may provide this for the children’s use. However, this is not a long term substitute for children’s own kit and contact will be made with parents in order for them to make more satisfactory arrangements.

First published on 31st May, 2017 and modified 13th September, 2017

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