25 November 2022

CYP UPPER: We are the Eco Squad!

Hi, this is a message from the ECO squad at Cypress!​

This week the Eco squad began our journey to grow our own vegetables.
We worked together to place soil in the small pots then we ensured the soil was moist. We scattered the seeds then topped off our pots with a little soil.  We will keep them inside near the windows till they are strong enough to go outside.  We planted carrots, red onions, broad beans, spring onions and also some sunflowers.  We hope to grow a wild flower garden to help the bees in the summer.

1) As we will begin gardening and in the spirit of sustainability​, we are asking if people have any gardening equipment they are no longer using to donate to the school. The collection box will be in the office

2) We will also be recycling pens.  There is a collection box in the office.  Please click on the link for more information.


3) There is a collection box also in the office for used batteries!

The Eco Squad!

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Published on 25th November, 2022

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