28 January 2022

CYP Upper: Ready to be Reciprocal!

This week we have continued thinking about ‘reciprocity’ and in particular, listening and speaking in pairs or a group. We know that good talk involves listening, not just hearing others. We have been thinking more deeply about how to be a considerate talk partner or group member. To be a good talk partner we need to take turns, be prepared to listen and be open in our ideas, encourage others to speak and be respectful of other’s views. We are trying to consciously apply this inside and outside of the classroom.

Today we enjoyed an amazing assembly from Birch class, who retold the traditional tale Cinderella, with a twist! Children delivered their lines with clarity and confidence. There was even a song to motivate and encourage perseverance. Well done to Birch class! A big thank you also to Miss Khatun, Mr Jib, Miss Rana and Miss Francis for supporting the children to perform so well.

Rainbow winners

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Alex – for using his capitalising skills to produce some lovely writing Isra –for using her capitalising skills to produce fantastic writing
Cedar Ray – for a fantastic performance in assembly- managing distractions well when not on camera. Heela & Quinn – for committing themselves to their performance (and letting me draw moustaches on their faces!)
Birch Luca- for always being a good role model inside and outside of the classroom. Alana- for using your noticing skills and producing some excellent vocabulary for your writing.
Lime Layla – for trying really hard when using her phonic knowledge to write sentences. She even correctly used a conjunction! Well done! Nicolas – for trying really hard to stay absorbed when completing his tasks. He was able to go back and edit his writing. He even used subordinate conjunctions correctly! Well done!
Hawthorn Theon – for using his noticing and questioning skills when problem solving in Computing Eira – for giving a very detailed and precise explanation of how we hear sound in science.
Rowan Ian S –  for greatly increased independence in writing. Lucy –  for applying varied sentence types and lengths in her writing, leading to entertaining and powerful outcomes.
Hazel Kaiana – for working on becoming independent in writing lessons. Ilaria – for caring and listening to others.
Willow Kaylee – for writing an excellent balanced argument in English. Matilde – for showing excellent understanding of line graphs in maths.
Sycamore Maya – for asking for help when needed and working will her new partner well. Enoch – for being a supportive partner and for reacting appropriately to an incident that could have easily angered him.
Beech Nicole  for using capitalising to create a great story plan Julia – for efforts in English to create a fantastic story plan
Oak Nicky – for being a role model student whilst Mr Opara was away Sundus – for being a role model student whilst Mr Opara was away

Cypress Superstars

Well done to Cora Rose (Cedar), Kairon and Olivia (Holly) who retold the story of Cinderella using descriptive language, giving careful thought to the plot and story structure. Shewa, Khloe, Harun and Gianella (Birch), also created strong imagery in their Cinderella story settings through the use of powerful adjectives! Heela, Lucy and Maya, wowed us with some beautiful presented poems that used adjectives, adverbs and repetition to great effect.

Elif in Lime class won the Word of the Week rosette – using the word ‘sparse’ correctly in an ambitions sentence – great job! This week the word of the week is ‘bloodshot’. Get your entries in before 9am on Monday!


Parent/Carer Questionnaire

The Pegasus Parent and Carer Questionnaire 2021-22 is now live!  Please click here to complete the survey and share your views.


Have a great weekend,


Mrs Carpenter and the Upper School team

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Published on 28th January, 2022

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