15 October 2021

CYP Upper: Learning about Meta-Learning!

This week we focused on our strengths and developmental areas as learners. We talked about the fact that it is sometimes tricky to identify areas we find a challenge – but this is how we improve. Knowing clearly what our next steps are and working to better ourselves in these areas will help us be more successful! Our focus going forward is to be able to talk about this confidently with our peers.

We have also had lots of exciting events taking place this week. We have had the cross-country competition for all year groups led by Mr St Aimee, Year 4 have been practising and have recorded their harvest performance, which will be ready for you to enjoy on class blogs today. Year 3 also enjoyed a local trip to the church as part of their Religious Education studies.

Rainbow Winners:

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Sebastian – for managing distractions and producing some lovely writing Ivy – for managing distractions and producing some thoughtful, descriptive writing
Cedar Emerson – for managing distractions and being absorbed in his work Maya – for excellent reasoning in maths when working independently.
Birch Zhane- for making links with his home learning to help him in maths Maria- for your excellent research in English for your dinosaur work.
Lime Maggie – for working independently across all subjects and persevering when tasks get tricky Cavani – for trying really hard to work independently and going back to edit his work
Hawthorn Ruby – for supporting and encouraging her partner during a shared write in English Jessica – for willingly supporting, demonstrating and encouraging her partner during a gymnastics lesson.
Rowan Nealan –  for his dedication to his role as a reading ambassador. Maggie –  for excellent effort, enthusiasm and expression during Harvest assembly rehearsals.
Hazel Mohamed – for demonstrating a great attitude to learning and support for his classmates Iqra – for showing great perseverance all week. Even with her damaged wrist she continued with her learning.
Willow Elijah – for managing his distractions in computing and producing an excellent Scratch game. Matilde – for always being absorbed in her learning and producing an excellent map of the Vikings in Thematic.
Sycamore Maya – for showing great resilience when you joined our class this week and for trying your best in all tasks Nina – for being a wonderful and supportive friends to a new pupil in our class, well done!
Beech Sam – for being an amazing, supportive friend during PE. Nihaal – for showing great perseverance in everything she does.
Oak Kianna – for persevering and being resilient during her Thematic work. Leonardo – for managing his distractions and making his teacher proud with the effort he has put into his work.


Cross Country

Mr St Aimee accompanied our runners to Lloyd Park, where they competed in a Croydon-wide cross-country competition. In each race there were 150 children running. They are did superb job and completed their races within 7 minutes. Our best finish was Ralph, he placed 12 which was 2 places better than when he last competed (amazing progress Ralph!). ​ Unfortunately, we didn’t secure medals but certificates for participation will be coming soon!

Well done to all that took part!

Year 5 boys: Ralph , Evan, Jimmy , Luke

Year 5 girls: Nina, Romy, Elsie, Diamante

Year 3 girls: Penny , Fungie

Year 3 boys: Jago, Sheick,

Year 4 girls: Cara, Lea, Lalibela

Year 4 boys: Taylan, Theon, Raul

Harvest Performance

The children have been busily preparing for the Harvest performance, which will be pre-recorded this year. They have learned lines and fine-tuned on their acting skills and we are very excited to see the finished product. It will be ready to view on Year 4 class blogs by 6pm tonight. Classes will enjoy a ‘premiere’ next week with their classes. Well done to Ms Weston, Mrs Rose and Miss Patel who have worked hard to organise and prepare the children and a big well done to our Year 4 children who showed dedication and patience and professionalism during filming!

Cypress Superstars

We are proud of Sophronya, Lucy, Matilda, Maya, Penny, Heela and Filip all from Cedar class for their amazing non-chronological reports on dinosaurs! They were fact-packed, organised clearly, with sub-headings and presented beautifully!

Well done to Lucy (Rowan)- one of our Superstars who wrote a fantastically funny poem about the Romans. Please click the link below to listen!

Well done also to Ian, Flora and Maggie from Rowan who have written a news script based on their work on the book ‘Krindlekrax’. They would love to share it with you. See below to listen to their script.

Well done to Kishon (Oak) for winning the Golden Lock – keep travelling to school sustainably, Kishon and well done to Jemima (Lime) who was our Word Wizard of the Week using the word ‘swagger’ correctly in a sentence!


Enjoy the weekend.


Mrs Carpenter & Cypress Upper team

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Published on 15th October, 2021

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