17 December 2021

CYP Upper: Festive Fun!

As we draw nearer to the Christmas holiday, it’s beginning to feel very festive at Cypress Upper! We have enjoyed singing carols during our singing assemblies, visited the local Christmas panto and have a pulled cracker over a lovely Christmas dinner. Today, we were treated to a class ‘premiere’ of the Year 5 Christmas performance complete with popcorn. It was fantastic! We have also taken time this week to enjoy our friends and work on our collaboration skills, reflecting on what we can improve on in the new year.

Rainbow Winners

Well done to all of our Rainbow certificate winners this week!

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Nyiah Rae – for using her capitalising skills to produce a lovely fable Amelia – for being an excellent grow coach to others.
Cedar Heela – for being absorbed in her writing to produce a lovely fable Rio – for persevering despite challenges to complete his subtraction column method
Birch Mahid- for showing great persevering when learning how to exchange the 10’s for subtraction. Gianella- for using her noticing skills and used the resources around her to independently write a narrative.
Lime Malaika – for persevering in her maths challenge! Jess – for always absorbed in tasks and perseveres when she is stuck
Hawthorn Theon – for making positive steps to change his attitude to his learning. Ashtri – for always having a positive attitude to her learning and willingly contributing to class discussions.
Rowan Ian S – for listening carefully and following instructions to produce his best work. Scarlett  – for imaginative writing in role as characters from the Romulus and Remus story.
Hazel Xavier – for displaying great resilience in our computing lessons. Natnale – for displaying positive and sensible behaviour during our Christmas production
Willow Jimmy – for saying his lines loudly and clearly during our performance rehearsal. Jasmina – for saying her lines loudly and clearly during our performance rehearsal.
Sycamore Billy – for persevering in his writing and using different resources to edit. Violet – for acting on the feedback given to her and speaking her lines slowly and clearly.
Beech Carla – for showing great perseverance in her writing. Sebastian – for being a super collaborative learner.
Oak Nour – for being enthusiastic during the school trip even though was freezing cold. Issam – for supporting his partner throughout Literacy, so that they could create great work.


Cypress Violinists 

Well done to our amazing violinists. See below a report of the event from Lucy and Viola in Rowan class

‘We played with the London Mozart Players for their Christmas concert this year. We performed ‘Once in Royal David’s City’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ together with the LMP but we paid ‘Captain Jack Hornpipe’  alone without them accompanying us. We practised hard for all of them but ‘Captain Jack’ was the main one for us. The Cypress violinists were: Amelie, Tess, Lucy B, Louis, Leonor, Sofia, Gus, Viola, Lalibela and Lucy G.’

Year 5 Christmas Production

On Monday and Tuesday, Year 5 delivered their Christmas show ‘Out of this World Christmas’ to parents and it was worth the wait! The children sang beautifully and delivered their lines confidently. We have enjoyed our


Our wonderful PTFA have been very busy over the last few weeks and have raised a whopping £2794 following the Winter Fair!  We’ve also had the ever popular discos across both sites which have raised £1000.  Thank you for their hard work and dedication to fundraising for our Cypress children and to all the volunteers who have helped with the events

Reading assembly

This week we had our first every Reading Tree Assembly! Children received a very special collectable bookmark for reading every day for the whole term! The book mark also contained a very special Christmas treat! Well done to all children who earned their bookmark for the autumn term. Each child that earned a bookmark was entered into the book prize raffle! Well done to all children who won a fantastic new book to enjoy at home (see our gallery for some of our winners). A class from each year group also won a reading café afternoon, for having the most children reading for 20 mins each day. Well done to, Birch, Lime, Willow and Oak classes for winning the café afternoon competition. They have enjoyed an afternoon of reading and hot chocolate. They also won a brand new set of books for their book corner given to them during the café afternoon!

Gold Awards

These cypress students have received a Gold Award for their exemplary ‘positive behavour’ in all aspects of school life:

Oak: Leonardo & Macie

Beech: Luisa & Connor

Hazel: Sam & Ibraheem

Sycamore: Curtis-Theo &Fred

Willow: Austin & Jasmina

Hawthorn:  Dotty & Thiago

Rowan:  Amario & Nicole

Lime – Meredith & Sophia

Holly:  Isra &Cruz

Birch:  Emily & Gianella

Cedar: Pablo & Heela

Well done to all children who received an award!

Cypress Superstars

Budding artists Lea and Viola came to the office with their Dali inspired art  and Daisy wowed us with her Picasso inspired creation! Great attention to detail and imitation skills girls! Meredith and Maggie created some wonderfully festive silhouette pictures featuring the nativity scene. They showed great dexterity cutting out all of the figures! Alana has been busy winning gold in a recent gymnastics competition! We are very proud of you.

Diary Dates

The term dates for next academic year 2022/23 have now been published and you can find them here.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you when school restarts on Wednesday 5th January.


Mrs Carpenter & the Upper School team


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Published on 17th December, 2021

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