19 April 2024

CYP: First Week Back!

This week we have been thinking about distilling – sifting through information and taking the most useful, ‘golden nuggets’ from information we are given. We know that this helps us to avoid cognitive overload, which can make us confused and unable to remember anything. It is Earth Day on Monday. We have already begun to consider our impact on the health of our planet and what we can do to help. We listened to the ‘Starfish story’. The moral of the story was that we can all make a difference to the world no matter how big a problem may seem and no matter how small our actions may appear. Just like the boy in our story, we can change the world a little bit at a time. We will be considering how we can do this in more depth next week in an assembly led by our Eco Squad.

Collaborative Learning

Just before the half term break, Beech and Holly class came together to work collaboratively to research a topic together. It was fantastic to see the younger students showcasing their skills and our Year 6s supporting the Y3 in their understanding of the Stone Age. This morning the two classes met again to share and read the final, published pieces! Your teachers are very proud of how well you worked together, utilised strengths and how encouraging you were of each other – well done!

Dance in Year 6!

Today, Dance to teacher form the Royal Academy of Dance and Dance Educates, Katie Vernon-Smith came to Cypress to kick off rehearsals for the Year 6 end of year performance.  Katie shared that our children had amazing focus, enthusiasm and natural talent! We are very excited to see the finished product in July! Keep up the enthusiasm and energy Year 6!

Cypress Superstars

Well done to Jay Jay in Sycamore, who came to me with his Spanish review. He had remembered all of his Spanish vocabulary and even taught Ms Wayman and I a thing or two! Keep up the dedication to your learning, Jay, Jay! Amaya in Sycamore brought in her gymnastics medal won in a competition last weekend. From twenty girls, she came second in the floor and vault! Amazing skills, Amaya! We are proud of you! Jessie in Rowan made the most incredible Roman invasion board game. Ms Wayman and I were staggered by the intricacy and detail of the game. There were special cards that could benefit or hinder your exploits and specially made playing pieces! Frankie in Rowan had been working diligently on his phonics and is making great progress! Well done, Frankie! Betty and Freddie in Holly came to showcase the class PSHE scrapbook, they spoke to Ms Wayman about ways to stay healthy in body and mind! Great job, Holly, Betty and Freddie!

Look out in our gallery for the Gold Award winners at the Upper School! Well done to all our winners of the Curriculum Achievement Award. For more details see our last newsletter here


We wish all our families a wonderful weekend!


Mrs Carpenter, Ms Binks and the Cypress Team


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Published on 19th April, 2024

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