18 February 2024

ATW – Museum Day KS1

On Museum day, KS1 had a brilliant time sharing the abundance of knowledge which they have learnt during their thematic learning.  Year 1 demonstrated their artistic talents by creating their very own version of Peter Blake’s ‘Toy Shop’ and also on display were toys which they had made during DT.  Within the classroom, the children proudly shared with visitors their thematic book and confidently explained their learning.  Year 1 were also keen to demonstrate how new and old toys worked and could state the material which they were made from (linking with our science topic).  Throughout the day, the children also took part in a variety of activities, such as: noughts and crosses, LEGO, dominoes, board games and making their own puzzles.  Year 2 recreated ‘The Great Fire of London’ in the Infant Hall using cereal boxes to make houses and strips of card to represent the wooden beams.  Straw was then used to create a thatched roof and a slider mechanism was used to add moving flames.  The children shared some of their thematic homework and many landmarks of London could be seen on display, including The Shard and Big Ben.  The hard work didn’t stop there and inside the classroom was a carousel of activities.  The children had a go at cracking Samuel Pepys’ code, writing with a quill and ink, diary writing, making a LEGO maze and designing a menu for Henry VIII.  KS1 really enjoyed the day and would like to thank everyone who visited their Museum.

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Published on 18th February, 2024

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