26 February 2021

We are resourceful learners!

This week, we have been working on being a ‘resourceful learner’; in particular, we have been looking at questioning. We discussed the types of questions that we ask and considering the power of questions. We spoke about closed questions, which allow us to respond quickly, open questions, which allow us to be creative and probing questions which allow us to gain a deeper understanding of an idea. Well done to all those children who have been thinking about the questions they ask and reframing or choosing different questions that allow them to better understand their learning.

Rainbows this week are: Andrea & Ursula (Beech), Ella-Rae & Gracie (Holly), Tamila & Tyren (Birch), Romy & Alex (Lime), Elouise & Lucy (Hawthorn), Lena & Alima (Rowan), Amario & Taylan (Cedar), Diana & Lily (Hazel), Leonor & Alycia (Willow), Nicky & Florence (Sycamore), Ruby & Alesha (Oak), Emma & Rio (Larch).
Book Week 2021
Next week is Book Week and we have some amazing workshops and assemblies with published authors to inspire our writing. All assemblies are at 9:30am each day; please see class blogs for further details. Children are welcome to dress up on World Book Day (Thursday 4th March) as their favourite character if they wish. On this day, we will have a special assembly led by Miss Binks, our English Lead for the Trust. Many thanks to Mrs Parker, who has organised an amazing and inspiring week of reading and writing for us to enjoy!

Wraparound Care Provision – Breakfast and After School Club Bookings

As part of the wider opening of Cypress school, our Breakfast Club and After School Club will be also be available to all pupils from March 8th. https://www.pegasusacademytrust.org/breakfast-and-after-school-care. Parents can now book on a ‘ad hoc’ basis but bookings must be made by lunchtime the day before; we can no longer accept any bookings at the end of the school day. This is to ensure we adhere to safety guidelines. Please be aware that if your child attends the Breakfast or After School childcare, this heightens the risk of your child/ren being asked to self isolate as your child/ren will be in contact with more children on those days.

The Pegasus Perfect Project 2021 feat Ed Sheeran and the London Mozart Players.”

We are very pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for all our families who want to be part of “The Pegasus Perfect Project 2021 feat Ed Sheeran and the London Mozart Players.” Anyone is welcome to submit a video, so any pupils, friends or family are welcome to join in –  just record the video, and use the YouTube playlist link below. All schools and everyone welcome; please spread the word.


All instructions are in the video playlist that can be found by following the link above.  This is the closest we may get to a school concert this year, so it would be great if your children were involved. The Ed Sheeran and the London Mozart Players are currently creating their videos. Ed’s manager has given it the all clear too! How exciting is that?!

Lastly, we are so very excited to switch to on-site learning from Monday 8th March! We have missed seeing you all in person!
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Carpenter & the Upper School team

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Published on 26th February, 2021

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