07 October 2021

CYP UPPER – Meet our new school councillors!

Today, the school council held their first, official meeting, where the children were able to share their hopes for this year. One representative was elected from each class in lower key stage 2 (Year 3 and Year 4) while two representatives were chosen from each class in upper key stage 2 (Year 5 and Year 6). We believe this will enable the older children to showcase their maturity and and give them a chance to be a role model to their younger peers.

Here are all our class representatives:

Birch class Amaya
Holly class Daisy
Cedar class Sophronya
Rowan class Flora
Lime class Cara
Hawthorn class Abbey
Hazel class Elsie Mohamed
Willow class Greta Ralph
Sycamore class Abubakar Erin
Beech class Amelia Eduard
Oak class Indya-Marie Leonardo

Last year, the school council did a superb job of fundraising money to buy new equipment for the bottom playground and this year’s councillors are eager to make their own mark on the school. They have shared their own suggestions, and their classmates’, about what they would like to develop at Cypress Upper and in a few weeks we will narrow down these options. These will then be passed on to the children again, so that they can choose what we will be focusing on this year.

Student voice is very important to us at Cypress Primary school, so if there is something your child would like to suggest, or if they believe something needs to be brought to our attention, please do let them know to speak to their class representative/s.

There will be another update soon with news of what our focus for this year will be, so please do look out for that.

Miss Horvatova

School council lead

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Published on 7th October, 2021

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