18 December 2017

Social media age limits

As we come into the Christmas season many parents may be considering buying tablets or laptops for their children which will allow them to access social media sites.  We have meetings and updates on newsletters each year about the dangers of social media and the issues it often raises for staff in schools.  As you will see from the attached list, most social media sites are not supposed to be downloaded or used by any children under 13. This should preclude ANY children at Pegasus schools from using social media Apps.  If parents and carers were to apply these guidelines, it would be a great support to staff in the Trust as things that are said on social media in the evening sometimes spill over into the school day.  At the very least, parents and carers should be vigilant and not allow children of primary school age unsupervised access to the Internet.  We suggest that if children access the Internet they do so in a kitchen or room where they can be seen by adults.  We hope that our parents and carers will read the attached document and enjoy a happy and harmonious Christmas.

Published on 18th December, 2017

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