19 November 2021

CYP Upper: Kindness is Key!

At the Upper School this week, we have been thinking about kindness and how random acts of kindness can make recipients feel. We have also spoken about unkindness and bullying, what constitutes bullying and what to do if you feel you or someone you know is being bullied. We discussed the importance of ‘Odd Socks Day’ in highlighting the beauty in being different. We also have explored friendship and particularly kindness in keeping with the theme of the week, ‘One Kind Word’. Children have been completing ‘kindness challenges’ and really spreading care and kindness. We have also really enjoyed wearing our PJs for Children In Need today; school has never felt this cosy!. Thank you for your kind donations to support this worthy cause! We raised a grand total of £293.58 for Children in Need!

Willow Class Assembly

We had an amazing assembly from Willow class today. Willow class discussed the power of compliments, and reimaged texts they have been studying if all the characters had shown kindness. Beowulf and their topic of the Vikings were VERY different to reality! They also explored the importance of being kind to our planet and kind to yourself. It was so lovely to see so many parents join us to enjoy the assembly. Parents of Willow class can watch the assembly again on the class blog. A big well done to Willow class, and thank you to Mr Prewer, Mrs Simadree and Ms Mitchell for helping the children to perform so well.

Rainbow winners:

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Cedar Lucy –   has been reading with other children every morning as part of her role as reading ambassador. Robin – for excellent collaborative work with a new partner.
Birch Jules- for your amazing determination in writing last week Albert-  for being a super collaborative learner when helping people with their spellings and writing.

Kairon – for being a fab grow coach to others


Zephaniah- for making amazing progress on Lexia over the half term
Hawthorn Tyren – for stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself in maths. Thiago – for consistently hardworking, showing great perseverance and resilience as well as supporting his peers when they need help.
Rowan Ben – for great focus and progress when working on performance poetry. Taylan –  for absorption and teamwork when working on performance poetry.
Hazel Luke – for great performance during our class assembly Elif – for demonstrating creativity and resourcefulness in lessons.
Willow Chloe – for coming up with some really original (and disgusting) ingredients for her Spooky Soup recipe in English. Carianne – for coming up with some really original (and disgusting) ingredients for her Spooky Soup recipe
Sycamore Saddiq – for using his noticing skills when revising his writing and for persevering with neat handwriting when publishing. Sidiki – for managing his distractions so he could be on a sunshine 2 days in a row – we are so proud of you!
Beech Archie – for being very brave when contributing to class discussions. Eliza – for consistently using her BLP skills to improve her learning.
Oak Vincent – for persevering and never giving up in maths. Macie – for using what she has learnt in literacy to improve her writing.

Cypress Superstars

Well done to Kishon who won the golden lock this week! Harun has made amazing progress recognising his phonics sounds – keep up the perseverance, Harun! We also had Penny visit the office today for being absorbed in her learning and completing her maths challenges independently. Penny, we are very proud of you! Rowan class showed amazing perseverance and absorption when learning about Michelangelo. They even used the underside of their tables to recreate painting on the ceiling, just like Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel!  Well done to Rosie, Lalibela, Taylan, Maggie, Lara, Nealan, Lucy, Lea and Viola for their amazing efforts (see our gallery).

We also had a visit from Francis, a local resident who fundraises for the Royal British Legion. He came to collect our donations and thanked the house captains for their help, selling poppies in the mornings and afternoons; we also had a picture with him (see the gallery)!. Thank you Francis, and thanks again to our dedicated house captains, who helped us raise money for such an important cause.

I had a visit from Amaya, Amelie and Alanna in Birch, who had written acrostic poems about friendship. Please watch the video below to see them perform it.

What great confidence and creativity!

Dates for the Diary

As the holidays approach there are some important dates to note:

  • 24th November  – Y3 trip to Crystal Palace Park
  • 2nd December – Y6 trip to River Thames
  • 3rd December – PTFA Cypress Christmas Fair
  • 6th December Year 5/6 Disco
  • 8th December Year 3/4 Disco
  • 13th December Y5 Christmas Performance – details to follow
  • 14th December Y5 Christmas Performance- details to follow
  • 15th December Y3,4 & 5 trip to Stanley Halls – details to follow
  • 16th Christmas School Lunch (forms in by 24th November)


We hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Mrs Carpenter and the Upper School team



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Published on 19th November, 2021

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