08 March 2024

BINF- Book Week comes to an end!

Our final website story to celebrate the close our ‘Book Week.’ Yesterday, we had a fantastic amount of parents coming into the school to share books with their children to celebrate ‘World Book Day’ and we would like to say a great big THANK YOU to all of those parents that were able to take part. The children enjoyed wearing their pyjamas to school and really relaxed in every space possible to enjoy a book either reading alone or with friends. One very special friend that came into school and caused great excitement was our reading dog Karma. Although all of the children did not get a chance to read with Karma this week she is coming back every week so that all children will get this opportunity.  We raised £85.00 from our costume or own clothes day today and we will be asking each class if there is a book that they would like to buy. Please remember to borrow books from our playground lending library – you can take as many as you want to take as long as they are returned when you are finished so that other children can also borrow them.

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Published on 8th March, 2024

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