11 February 2022

Beulah – Welcome to our Museum!

Over the term, Beulah children have been learning about different ages in history.  This week, they have been very busy transforming their classrooms to create a school museum in order to display and share their amazing work.  This morning, all of children explored every class to enjoy and celebrate the work of the other children in our school.
In year two, we saw some fantastic artwork, including Tudor style self-portraits and watercolour washes creating silhouettes of the London skyline.  We also saw the amazing Tudor houses that the children had built, showing great attention to specific features of the buildings.
In year one, we were fascinated by the Victorian toys that the children had made and we were really interested to see their new inventions, created from recycled materials including; cars, aeroplanes, robots and there was even a toy pizza oven. We also enjoyed trying out their home-made musical instruments!
Look out, look out there are monsters about because our reception children have been creating their favourite monsters from the stories that they have been sharing. There were monsters made from playdough, Lego and junk modelling with scary faces and wobbly eyes!
Well done to all of the children it was wonderful to visit your classroom museums and see the results of your hard work this term!

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Published on 11th February, 2022

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