21 October 2021

Beulah – All that Glitters – our Gold Awards and Star Writers!

This week has been a very busy week celebrating amazing achievements over this half term!

Although all of the children have been working very hard and deserve to be congratulated, the teachers had to choose just two children from each class to receive a Gold award!  The children nominated have shown great resilience by working hard to overcome challenges. The children’s photographs and the reasons for their nomination will be displayed in school on our Gold Award board.

Our Star Writers Awards, celebrate special achievements in writing across the school, from our early mark making in the nursery to our accomplished writing in year 2.  The children cover a wide variety of writing during each half term and the teachers look very closely for the use of phonics in spelling, secure sentence structure and creativity.  Writing that has been chosen for a Star Award is displayed in the school hall so that all of the children in the school can see it.  We are proud of the writing that all of our children do, the teachers have a very tricky job choosing which writers will be rewarded.

Published on 21st October, 2021

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