14 June 2024

Year 6 School Journey: day three

Unsurprisingly, the action-packed activities and previous night’s excitement led to an early night’s sleep for all! The children enjoyed a final cooked breakfast before packing their things and getting ready for their last activities.

In classic Cuffley style, they were treated to rock climbing, fire-building, leap of face and camouflage lessons.

We then had lunch and started saying our goodbyes to the fantastic instructors. Unfortunately, it was a slightly prolonged farewell due to some coach delays, but after a while we were able to start our journey back to school. It is a distinctly quieter (and probably smellier!) group of children than the ones who left Croydon just a few days ago!

Whilst here, the Pegasus children have really represented our Trust superbly. They have gone on a real journey, in more ways than one, and shown resilience, kindness, manners and enthusiasm for the entire time we have been away. They are all leaving with some great memories and some valuable life skills as well, and we hope they have loved their camping adventure.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who have made this happen for the children. They have given up a lot of time, effort and sleep, as well as keeping all the children safe and happy. So please show all the staff some appreciation when you see them.

Until next time!

Mr Francis

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Published on 14th June, 2024

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