20 May 2022

Year 6: Bushcraft Day 3

The end of our amazing woodland adventure is finally here! Across our classes, the children ended on a high with trap making, camouflage games and survival bracelet making.
All the children who attended have had some brilliant experiences and leave Boughton Woods not just more confident making friends and feeling ready for secondary school, but also ready for crash landing in the wilderness or being stranded in a jungle! Lots of the children also were a massive help with jobs around camp and have shown some great qualities and manners during our stay.
Finally, we need to acknowledge the incredible contribution our fantastic Pegasus staff have made to the children’s trip. Apart from giving up 72 hours of their time, they’ve been washing up, serving food,  entertaining and generally being a family away from family to the children on the trip. So thank you Mrs O’Connor, Mr Opara, Mr Prewer, Mrs Brewer, Miss Mangroo, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Achenbach, Mrs Caesar, Mrs Roberts, Mr Winborne, Miss Nicols and Mrs Surrey.

The children have been a credit to the school and I hope they remember these experiences for a long time to come.

Mr Francis

Published on 20th May, 2022

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