10 May 2022

School Journey Preparation

We hope you are all prepared for Year Six’s bushcraft adventure next week, especially as the weather forecast is looking hopeful!

Following some queries regarding the kit list, please see the following key points so you can make sure your child has everything they need:

  • Sleeping bags are essential – the temperature will drop overnight
  • Bedrolls (foam mats to lay on the floor to sleep on) are required, you could also use a yoga mat or similar if you have one

  • a range of clothes (not brand new!) including pyjamas, long sleeve tops, hard-wearing trousers/jeans and warmer layers for the evening
  • suitable footwear – old trainers are fine and wellies will hopefully not be needed if it does not rain before/during our stay
  • a waterproof jacket
  • Any medication your child may need, or regularly takes, in a small, fully-labelled bag complete with
  • A torch, in case they need to get up during the night
  • A water bottle (there is filtered mains drinking water on site for the children to refill bottles from)
  • Suncream
  • toiletries – toothbrush and toothpaste, cleaning wipes or washcloth, deodorant etc

These are the most essential items – though you can find the full kit list below:


Any type of holdall, sports bag, large rucksack or small lightweight suitcase is fine – remember the children are only going for 3 days!

Ideally, you can find someone to borrow the main items from, otherwise they are available from the following shops at relatively affordable prices:




If you have any issues getting the necessary items, please let your class teacher know as soon as possible.

Finally, we would like the coaches to leave as close to 8:30am on Wednesday 18th May, so please arrive at school by 8:15am on the day in order to hand in any medication and say your goodbyes!

Published on 10th May, 2022

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