08 July 2022

Year 5 at the Tower of London

Following a train to London Bridge station, Year 5 took a lovely walk along the Southbank and over Tower Bridge before entering the Tower. Venus class began with the new ‘Superbloom’ exhibition which has turned the moat of the tower into a bee heaven with pollinating flowers instead of the old grass moat. This tied up nicely with our Science curriculum where we’ve been learning about the lifecycles of plants. There was even a giant slide we all rode (including teachers and TAs!). Inside the tower, Saturn class began their day with a guided tour of some of the prison cells and were told about some of the more famous prisoners and their escapes from the tower in a link to our thematic work on Crime and Punishment. We even saw some graffiti scratched into the walls more than 400 years ago! Lunch was followed by both groups joining back together and seeing the Crown Jewells, including Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation crown from 69 years ago. Classes then swapped and Venus took their tour of the inside while Saturn checked out the Superbloom exhibition followed by a trip to the gift shop. A great cross-curricular day was had by all.

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Published on 8th July, 2022

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