19 May 2023

EPS: Would you like to work in construction?

To round off a busy week, Year 5 children at EPS took part in a construction workshop delivered by Robyn from Procur3d Consulting Ltd.  During the session, the children were challenged to confront the stereotypes associated with employment opportunities within the construction industry.

They were introduced to the varied job roles required to design, plan and build large scale construction projects.  The children were able to take part in interactive team building activities including soil testing, budgeting and finance, environmental management and PR management. They used spaghetti and marsh mellows to construct buildings that they had designed.

By the end of the session the children had a much broader understanding of the many job opportunities available within the construction business.  For many of the girls in the class it was a great opportunity to meet a successful women working in, what is still considered to be, a male dominated industry.

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Published on 19th May, 2023

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