10 February 2023

The WHJUN Museum is now OPEN!

Wow Wow Wow! The Whitehorse Museum opened this morning and what a beautiful sight it was. The school has been transformed and displays the most beautiful work from the children. A huge well done for everyone’s hard work and effort.

Parents were given a guided tour around the museum and taken to the 4 different zones:

Year 3: The Crystal Place-The children had displayed their beautiful DT work. They had worked together in groups to construct their very own Crystal Palace models, using art straws. They had also made dinosaurs out of clay. The children worked hard to ensure that all of the details were correct and accurate.

The staff and children came dressed asĀ  Victorians. The children experienced a day in a Victorian School. This includes using chalk to do their written work and eating cruel (porridge) as their main meal.

Year 4: When in Rome- The corridors were adorned with colourful Roman shields and soldiers guarding each classroom. Mount Vesuvius was erupting around the next cornerĀ  (a huge display of a volcano erupting, surrounded by the children’s fact files). The children in Year 4 worked hard during their art lessons and produced Roman clay pottery.

Year 5: The Vikings are Coming! In this zone we had Viking warriors on guard. The children had displayed their amazing art work, which consisted of Viking Warrior portraits using wax crayons and beautifully sculpted Dragon Heads out of clay.

Year 6: Walk like an Egyptian- In the final zone we were met by Tutankhamun and Egyptian Death Masks (Gold and Blue twinkled in the morning sunlight- the corridor looked fantastic). There was a food tasting station, which consisted of bread, honey, figs, pomegranate and dates. The children *(and adults) got stuck in!!

The children also displayed their Egyptian Shaduf’s ( a hand-operated device for lifting water, invented in ancient times and still used in India, Egypt, and some other countries to irrigate land).

It has been a very successful day and a great way to end the week. Thank you to all of the parents that came to visit. Please see some of the photographs below.

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Published on 10th February, 2023

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