25 June 2023

Sporting Superstars at WHJUN

After weeks of training and practice, the WHJUN Athletics Team arrived at Croydon Sports Arena.  Competing against the best primary school athletes in Croydon, the children showed determination, pride and ferocity in representing their school.

A huge well done to all 26 athletes who took part and to the 18 of those who made it through to the finals day. We are especially proud of the boys’ relay team (Kyrell, Omari, Dario, Jeremy and Micah) who won third place medals.  Congratulations!

We are now looking forward to our upcoming Sports’ Days and continuing to develop our young athletes.

Boys’ Team

Micah – 90m Sprint finalist and Sprint Relay 3rd place medalist
Kyrell – Sprint Relay 3rd place medalist
Jeremy – Sprint Relay 3rd place medalist
Dario – Sprint Relay 3rd place medalist
Omari – Sprint Relay 3rd place medalist and 6th place Long Jump
Doniel – 75m Sprint semi-finalist
Santrell – 75m Sprint semi-finalist
Khaleef – 55m Sprint finalist
Sfreylin – High Jump finalist
Jordan – Ball Throw
Ismail- Long Jump
Koffe – High Jump
Khalel – 800m
Archie – 600m

Girls’ Team

Alexis – 90m Sprint finalist and Sprint Relay finalist
Lillian – Sprint Relay finalist
Asia – Sprint Relay finalist
Shelika – Ball Throw and Sprint Relay finalist
Aliyah – Sprint Relay finalist
Daniella – 75m Sprint semi-finalist
Nataiya- 75m Sprint semi-finalist
Mia – 55m Sprint semi-finalist
Jillian – 800m finalist
Anastasia – High Jump finalist
Sianna – Long Jump
Unique – Long Jump
Rafaella – High Jump
Yanet – 600m


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Published on 25th June, 2023

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