20 January 2023

Green Fingers at WHJUN!

We are delighted that our gardening club is now up and running. Mrs Pinkney leads a small group of children each Friday, teaching them a range of gardening skills and making improvements to our green space.

Over the course of the year, the children will have an opportunity to plant some mini apple trees, vegetables, plants and bulbs which will make the garden look beautiful during the spring and summer months. The children will also make a scarecrow to protect the vegetable beds, as well asĀ  making a bug hotel out of wood and leaves. The children will learn which tools to use, how to plant seeds/bulbs and how to take care of the garden at every stage.

Toady the children were out digging holes in the soil in preparation for the apple tree planting.

It is great to see the children enjoying themselves through outdoor learning and throwing themselves into every task (even if it means getting muddy and coming across a worm or two).

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Published on 20th January, 2023

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