07 October 2022

Banji Alexander arrives at WHJUN!

Today, the author Banji Alexander visited Whitehorse Juniors to talk about his new book- Lockdown Looms: Reggie’s Birthday Party. The children and staff were very excited to meet him and hear about his story. Parents and children queued up to buy a signed copy of his book after school.

Banji Alexander has written a book which can be enjoyed by all members of the family. A story which everyone can relate to, Alexander’s mastery of the English language and rich vocabulary, coupled with colourful illustrations on every page, brings the story to life, leaving all readers, regardless of age, captivated and totally absorbed.

Here is the Blurb for his new book: (in case you missed the chance to buy a copy):

With his eighth birthday just around the corner, the very thought of having to celebrate his special day during lockdown, sends poor Reggie into a meltdown. 

Of course, home-schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic will come with its highs and lows.

Bzzzzaaappp! Bzzzzaaappp! An unexpected radio announcement, might just change everything.

Lockdown looms!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and look forward to reading his new book over the weekend.

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Published on 7th October, 2022

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