07 February 2023

Year 3 Shall Go To The Ball

In year 3 we have been studying variations of the Cinderella story.   We have looked at the original story of Cinderella and Cinderella of the Nile.  Our main text focus has been Prince Cinders by  Babette Cole, a fun version of the Cinderella story in which Prince Cinders is bullied by his three hairy brothers about his less-than-perfect looks.  He spends all his time cleaning and tidying up after them. One Saturday night Prince Cinders’ luck changes as a small, dirty fairy falls down the chimney and promises that his wishes shall come true.  However, not all the fairy’s spells turn out as planned.

The children have written their own versions of the opening to a Cinderella story.  We hope you enjoy these examples.

Published on 7th February, 2023

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