30 January 2023

Atwood’s Year 2 pupils visit the post box

Year 2 Budding letter writers visit the postbox.

In Year 2, we have been learning about letter writing in our English lessons and about toys in our topic learning. We have worked incredibly hard  over the last few weeks to write a letter to a family member to ask them questions about what they played with when they were little. When we finished our letter, we edited it and wrote a neat copy. We were all very proud of our final copies! 

On Thursday, we went and posted our letter in the post box. It was very exciting! We hope to get many replies, so we can find out lots of interesting facts about toys from the past. When we receive our letter, we will be able to read it to the class and then take it home to keep. 

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Published on 30th January, 2023

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