10 March 2024

ATW – Year 2 Trip to London

As part of their thematic learning, Year 2 visited London to discover where ‘The Great Fire of London’ took place.  Although it was a rainy start to the day, this did not stop the children excitedly travelling to London by bus and train.  When they arrived at London Bridge, they could see The Shard and then they walked along London Bridge to complete a transport survey.  Year 2 then continued until they reached The Monument and Pudding Lane.  In groups, the children discussed how London had changed since 1666 and as a class sang London’s Burning.  Lunchtime was spent at St Dunstan’s Church, which had  been destroyed in the fire and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren.  After lunch, they walked to the Tower of London (over Tower Bridge) and then walked back to the station.  Even though it was a very tiring day, Year 2 had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait to share the highlights when they got back to school.

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Published on 10th March, 2024

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