03 February 2022

CYP LOWER – Blue Class: Toy Museum Comes Alive!

What a fabulous assembly Blue Class treated us to this morning! Based on the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ by David Lucas, we had wooden soldiers, peg dolls, Jack-in the-boxes, jolly boys, winky bears and sailor boys, all ready to get up to some mischief. Bunting, the first ever toy collected for the museum, was in charge of all the other toys and liked to keep track of where they all were. They got lost and he was trying to find them but at the end he realised it was all a game of Hide and Seek!

A huge well done to Blue Class for all their hard work in putting on such a spectacular show! We were so impressed with how the children had learned their lines and articulated them so clearly and they also sang, danced and acted their hearts out. Thank you to all the Blue Class staff for their hard work in putting on this extravaganza to brighten up a Thursday morning!



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Published on 3rd February, 2022

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