30 June 2023

Atwood’s Year 1 visit the British Wildlife Centre

Year 1 Visit the British Wildlife Centre– report by Miss Daulton and Mr Spriggs

British wildlife centre

‘Year 1 had an amazing trip to the British Wildlife Centre last Monday. We learnt so much about the animals we might find in our local area and how amazing rescue and rehabilitation centres are when extending the lives of many animals close to natural extinction such as the Scottish Wild Cat and Flo the fox who is an amazing 14 years old!

We saw, owls, deer, foxes, polecats, badgers, frogs, hedgehogs, rats, red squirrels, terrapins, weasels, otters, stoats, snakes and mice! We were even able to hold a red deer antler!’

Well done, Year 1- this looked like a very interesting school trip.  It’s super for you to learn about some of the animals and their habitats.  We know that here at Atwood, we are trying our best to ‘re-wild’ some areas of the school field, by leaving some of the grass areas overgrown, which in turn has encouraged a greater diversity of species of plants to grow.  This is turn is then providing an environment for bees, moths, butterflies and birds to feed and nest, as well as ‘wild-life’ corridors between our school grounds an the common beyond.

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Published on 30th June, 2023

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