23 February 2021

Update from Pegasus – return to school after lockdown 3

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday we are pleased to confirm that all of the schools in the Pegasus Academy Trust will reopen in full on Monday 8th March at 8:45AM.  All children are expected to return on this day and normal enquiries will be made if they are absent.

In common with the rest of the population in London incidences of Coronavirus have continued to fall amongst staff within the Trust and we have welcomed back colleagues this week who have been ill for many weeks.  We are so pleased that they have recovered well and as a consequence we have now been able to offer the final nursery places for all those nursery children who wish to return from this Thursday.  Please also note the following:

  • A full service for school dinners will be offered from Monday 8th March.  You can book via Magic Booking as normal and new menus will be published soon;
  • Breakfast and after school clubs (wraparound) will resume from the first day and may be booked in the normal way.  If the route out of lockdown continues as planned we hope to offer some activity clubs from the May half term;
  • We are working hard to reduce the size of our bubbles so that if there is a positive case when we return only one class will need to isolate.  We are seeking public health England advice on this;
  • Activities for children in self isolation will be provided again via the class blogs from Sunday 7th March;
  • There will be no critical worker provision on Friday 5th March to enable us to get things ready for the return to school the following Monday.  Nursery provision will be unaffected.  For the same reason this Friday will also be designated a ‘no screens day’ for children working at home with no GoogleMeets.  Children can play with Lego, go for a walk, draw or any of the activities listed here.

Finally our staff have been working hard to keep things fresh for this last period of home learning and some classes are now running breakout rooms where children can work together in a group much as they do at school.  The children are very excited about this.  There are buttons in these breakout groups where children can call the teacher or go back to the teacher’s group if they are unhappy with anything.  As ever the golden rule is let the teacher sort out problems.  We do have a set of rules for our GoogleMeets and these are included again here in case anyone needs them.

Finally just to say that we are SO looking forward to seeing our children and families in person again.  We are counting the days ?

Jolyon Roberts
Executive Headteacher

**Updated with new Risk Assessment (below) 5th March 2021 & letter from Croydn 8th March 2021**

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Published on 23rd February, 2021

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